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(crossposted at https://plus.google.com/107619776564880847214/posts/eDo21AKN4Xz and http://elke-tanzer.dreamwidth.org/1083007.html, because I may be targeted as a test case, and if I can protect my friends from those with malicious intent, I will. Also... I have just done a G+ Data Liberation to make a backup copy of things in case I'm TOSed from G+, and am also in the process of backing up my Gmail messages onto a local machine as well just because it's a Good Idea. This situation really does feel quite a lot like hobbits facing Mordor.)

I have just set my Profile page to not show those who have encircled me, nor show those I have encircled; I have set those to Private. I have not un-encircled anyone, but I will do so at the request of any friends who may feel the need to do so for their own safety; please contact me privately as needed.

Some of my recent posts here on G+ have become much more high-profile, and if malicious people start coming out of the woodwork, I want their stalking to stop at me, not sweep through my connections. I have also just set my Links to my other websites in the sidebar of my Profile to be viewable only by my Circles, for the same reason.

So, for the approximately hundred or so people who either have encircled and/or are encircling me here... well... encircled friends (some of you dear friends who are also persistently pseudonymous)... most of you already know which other sites to find me on if my account is TOSed here for being a pseudonym, and/or for not having a picture of my face.

Oh, one more thing: Trying to do a Data Liberation while Multiple-Login'd to two G+ accounts? Makes things on multiple tabs get very borked; the login name in the top bar no longer accurately corresponds to the stream being presented in the middle column of the screen when it should. And yes, I am sending feedback about that.

Edit: Feedback sent: Doing a Data Liberation while Multiple Login'd to two accounts (I'll call them Elke and not-Elke for purposes of this feedback) does work while having multiple browsing tabs open on various G+ posts, but afterwards the tabs I have open for each account are all messed up as I click through to other links... trying to show my own stream as not-Elke results in a page with not-Elke as the login name in the upper left, but Elke's stream presented in the middle column of the page.

Date: 2011-07-13 07:13 am (UTC)
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I wrote the following about my feelings:

My mind is not yet at ease over the matter of names. The Terms of Service for Google+ gives Facebook and LinkedIn as examples of reputable sites to verify that one is "commonly known". I don't have Facebook or LinkedIn accounts under my real name (the name on this account, by which most of my friends know me), nor will I be creating them, nor am I likely to find a reference to my real name in a newspaper. My family and co-workers address me by my legal name, the name on my birth certificate. I will not ask my mother to change the name she calls me, and I see no need to introduce my co-workers to my real identity unless they become friends. I answer to both names, but I prefer this identity, which I have been known by on nearly every non-work, non-interacting-with-old-schoolmates website I've used for over ten years. Is that "commonly" enough?

I would like to know sooner rather than later whether I am welcome in the Google+ community with my real identity so I don't get too attached to it if I'm not. I do not think I would create a Google+ account under my legal name; that is what Facebook is for, and I have no desire to use a site where I am not welcome under the name of my choice.


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