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Crosspost from G+, here, because this seems like it could be of particular interest to DW people and especially fannish people...

Well now that's interesting. People with multiple gmail accounts (especially for distinct personae), take note.

The other day I created a new gmail account, more or less to name-squat the name, but had no plans to use it immediately. I had not sent any email from it, had not signed up for anything with it, had quite simply not done anything with it. It was a completely pristine gmail account.

Today I logged in to mess with the settings and start using it. Along with the three standard welcome messages I expected to find in my inbox, I also found that my new account had received a G+ share-via-email/invitation to join. This was from a friend (+Andrew Pam), who did not know about my new account, resharing a #nymwars post. It was extremely disconcerting to find something that I might have expected to find on my "K Robert" account show up on this new one.

So somewhere in the depths of G+, it's associating multiple gmail accounts owned by the same person, and cross-recommending them to people you might know. The only thing I can figure out that might connect those accounts is the backup email address or phone number I gave at registration time. I must say, I'm not too happy if Google is implicitly leaking this connection, when it asked for the backup emai and phone number just for account verification/recovery purposes.
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