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Apr. 17th, 2019 08:15 pm
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I've seen "Cheese Tea," the salty dairy topping, at more boba tea places, and even shops that specialize in it like Happylemon, and now I've learned what goes in the 'cheese' (it's milk and cream cheese whipped together). At 85°C Bakery, you can get iced coffee with the topping.

If you want to understand where a country is heading pick a 2nd or 3rd tier city and revisit it over many years. - User researcher Jan Chipchase

I got a PyPortal from AdaFruit and have been playing around with it. It's a micro-controller with an attached display. It runs a subset of python and defines a function for grabbing a chunk of data and putting it on the display. Great for dashboards, or Oblique Strategies.

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Since my post on AO3 was reported as not being appropriate for the archive, and apparently recs lists aren't *shrug*, here is what I had posted there:

This is a list of authors, artists and stories that I recommended at the Escapade 29 Thorki panel. I love jotun!Loki, genderfluid/queer!Loki along with their more traditional form. I love a Thor who is smart, well-meaning in general, with a good heart who absolutely loves Loki. I am an equal fan of Thor or Loki topping/bottoming so there is a mix of that as well. Most of the stories I enjoy take into account Ragnarok's events and characterizations in some manner.

I love 2 or more of the following authors' works:


wistering's thor bookmarks - I found many of my faves via wistering's bookmarks


Foundling Mother


















Specific Story Recs:

Visions of Flesh and Light by irishavalon - a really lovely exploration of genderfluid Loki

A Pocket In Time by destimushi - an alternate version of events for Ragnarok

Because of the tumblr issue, several artists are harder to find than usual, but here are the twitter links for four of my faves

Artist Recs:



Angeline Draws


Movie Review: Little

Apr. 16th, 2019 08:26 pm
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Essentially Big in reverse. Grown woman gets turned back into a kid and has to learn some lessons about how to be a good person. Unlike Big, however, this is fully a kid's movie with the focus on the big moments rather than the nitty-gritty details.

I enjoyed it. The characters were likable and the actors were terrific. Lots of fun and funny moments. The actress who plays the little version of the main character Jordan, and thus the one carrying most of the movie, is Marsai Martin who you may have seen on Blackish. She's fantastic.

A couple of issues: one transphobic 'joke' and then some spanking stuff that is played for laughs.

Overall I enjoyed it and I'm glad I went.

babylon the mighty city

Apr. 16th, 2019 06:15 pm
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I had a delightful week off, then went back to work to discover that I have entirely forgotten how to get up and leave the house in the mornings. However, I have been reasonably productive once I arrived (could have done without the four hundred and thirty spam emails, mail delivery failures, etc, I came back to in the system, nevertheless).

Also, this morning I caught an entirely different train to normal, and got off at work to be accosted by one of my fellow passengers, who turned out on second glance to be a friend who vanished off the face of the earth about three years ago! She was going through some rough stuff at the time, although we didn't know it, and apparently had a bit of a breakdown, but is doing better now and is hopefully coming to the next meet-up of the relevant group of friends, which happens to be next week. I'm glad she seems like she does still want to be friends, because we've missed her. It's difficult when people vanish; you want to respect boundaries, but also not to lose friends because you didn't hold on hard enough.

Someone linked to this very cute story about yet another USA / Canadian pair of ice hockey women's Olympians getting married. This is the third! That we know of! Although I'm sorry, Meghan Duggan is never going to be as cute as Julie Chu and Caroline Ouellette and their adorable baby.

Movie Review: The Goonies

Apr. 16th, 2019 10:36 am
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Regal was showing this again in the theatre last Saturday and last night (Monday), so De and I went to see it.

First of all, I cannot believe how much of this movie's dialog I have memorized. I have seen it a LOT. :D

It holds up remarkably well for a movie that is 34 years old, both in terms of general story and in terms of production quality stuff. The story is very much a kid's story though, you can't think too much about the details or it all falls apart. :D But as a kid's adventure story, it is really fun and enjoyable.

There's a heart and authenticity to the kids and their interactions that I really enjoy. It does a pretty good job of capturing a child's emotional pov of the world. The innocence and immortality of youth sort of thing.

The theatre was almost entirely full, though not one of the big ones, so that was nice. I'm fairly certain most of us had seen it before, but I did see some younger kids in the audience too.

The Fratellis are fucking amazing - Robert Davi, Joe Pantoliano and Anne Ramsey give such intense performances and it's awesome. They are over the top ridiculous and utterly terrifying at the same time. It's great. I cannot articulate my discomfort with the character Sloth. There are things that are very cool about him, but at the same time? IDK.

I love the water pipes scene. It's ridiculous and not at all how pipes work, but IDC because it's fucking hilarious. Brandon on Data's little sister's bicycle is funny. Josh Brolin was such a cutie. :D I really like how the kids were all played by actual kids, except for Troy's actor apparently who was 27.

Anyway, I liked it a lot and I'm so happy I got to see it in a theatre. It was a fun trip down memory lane.


Apr. 16th, 2019 09:04 am
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We are now rarely having nighttime lows below freezing, which is nice, but there have still been far too many days for my liking that don't hit 50F. I'm very, very tired of it being chilly outside.

Most of my outside plants seem to have survived their first winter here! One of my roses is in rough-looking shape - after I pruned off all the dead-looking branches, there is only one left. However, it's normal for roses to send up new branches from their crown/below-ground parts, so we'll see how it is doing in another couple months. On the other hand, the rose that was in the worst shape after being dug up last spring has LOTS of new buds on it! I need to get several of the roses bigger pots, which is easy to do because work always many, many, many large black nursery pots lying around; the real challenge is getting big pots home via bicycle.

Some of the pots that looked like they had nothing surviving in them - and had no labels, because of course I'd just remember their contents! - are just now showing signs up having been planted with sedum bits last fall. Assuming deer or some other villainous wildlife don't dig them up, like they have one of the other sedum pots, they should fill out nicely this year.

I'm going to Portland at the end of next week, primarily to get to the orchid show. I miss those folks, and I really really miss having access to the diversity of plants available in Portland generally. There are some shops I want to visit, too, including one that I am pretty sure is new since I moved away, and the owners of which stock with less common varieties of aroid-family (philodendrons, etc.) plants!!! Definitely want to check that out. I really truly I mean it this time have little space for new plants at home but.

I am feeling very sad in advance of the trip, because I still miss Portland, a lot, and it's going to be too short a visit to see everything I want to and I know it will never be enough because Portland can't be my permanent residence, but my god I wish I could visit much more often.

Work is still a demoralising horror show in many regards, and I haven't yet found a better place.

It occurred to me just yesterday to ask The Powers That Be, and then see about confirming via divination, if it is necessary for me to stay at the current job in order to get to Whatever Better Thing is next.

It seems the answer is "no."

This is comforting and really awfully tempting because . . . I could just decide I'm 100% fed up and quit and probably be financially ok (or at least: not run out of money) until Next Thing comes my way.

I'm not sure what I'd do with weeks (?) of free time, though. If I had a car, the answer would be obvious: I'd get out of the city A LOT and go on many, many day hikes. I don't feel all that inspired to explore the city itself, though, either on bike or by bus, and I don't have a big list of projects at home that I want to devote hours and hours and hours to, so I guess I'll keep going to work, and trying to not let it get to me (the eternal struggle!).

In the meantime, I have one 4-day work week, because the fucking owner STILL has me on only 4 days a week, and then next week is a 2-day week because of my Portland trip, so there isn't too much hell in between now and a lengthy time away.

When I got outside for errands yesterday, I went to a part of town I never have cause to visit, and it was lovely to finally see spring flowers popping up. I wish I'd taken pictures of one group of them, because I'd never seen such before, and assumed they're a native species, but are they in my guidebooks? They are not! They reminded me of crocus - though I can't be sure they have the correct number of petals, only that they were cup-shaped - purple/magenta, but fuzzy. There were also some lovely little claytonias growing in another bed just down the street from that, and those I do recognize as native species.

I miss being places there are more wild plants. My neighborhood is very limited in that regard. I felt strongly compelled to buy a sweet little native shrub from work a couple weeks back - "fernbush" or "desert sweet" because of the shape of its leaves and its fragrance (both foliage and flowers). It's a pretty small plant right now, and reputedly a slow grower for its first few years, so I probably don't need to put it into a bigger pot until next year. Maybe by the time it needs to be repotted, I'll be living somewhere I can give it a more permanent, in-ground home.

so many drugs

Apr. 15th, 2019 10:44 pm
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So I was supposd to start those antibiotics like, three weeks ago. Now, legit, I had to wait for the first of April to pick them up as money+time was a problem. is now the fifteenth.
yeah, idk )

okay but

Apr. 15th, 2019 07:28 pm
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[personal profile] seperis my defense, it's not so much that a lot's happened is that I am both super lazy and things happened.

In some kind of order:

1.) Saw the ENT and have another appointment after a six weeks of antibiotics and steroids because nasal infections that last this long need the shock and awe treatment.

2.) Saw Captain Marvel and realized there was indeed a hole in my life before it appeared. Seriously, I had no idea there was so much Carol AND MARIA WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS.

3.) Learned to use a neti pot.

Okay, much like evangelists for Diva cups (divangelists?) and The Magicians (magelists?), I think everyone should Neti pot now because this shit isn't woo which was surprising. Interestingly, the most dramatic results were the second or third time and then after several days of use where I could feel the difference. So if you were on the fence, a.) head position will work out eventualy just keep tilting randomly until it works out and b.) try it. Not woo.

4.) Still not interested in Game of Thrones and still wish I could flog up the interest. This annoys me.

5.) My home network has undergone a change for teh better which I will go over at some point, including successful creation of a wireless bridge client that is basically a wifi repeater that took me only three separate tutorials to figure out how to get running using DD-WRT.

random on ddwrt )

This has been a message from Seperis' Network Feelings.

Movie Review: Hellboy (2019)

Apr. 14th, 2019 05:11 pm
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I love Milla Jovovich. I have and will continue to watch all manner of garbage for the chance to see her.

Spoilers were not impressed )

We finally got to see the long trailer/sneak peek of Godzilla and I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT! It looks like they're full-on embracing the utter absurdity of a bunch of ginormous kaiju fucking up the world and I say bring it the fuck on! :D

Cabin fever year

Apr. 14th, 2019 05:33 pm
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This late winter was just so unremittingly soul grinding, weather-wise, between the polar vortex and record snowfalls. And just when things would take a turn for the better, whomp. Like Wednesday-Friday of this past week, when after days of sun and warming and a few near 70F temps, we got nailed by three fun filled days of snow, sleet, and rain.

But today was fucking gorgeous. So I anticipate an improved mood soon!

Six Ways by Aiden Wacher

Apr. 12th, 2019 06:37 pm
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For your pagan and metaphysical reading pleasure, I give you Six Ways by Aiden Wachter.

This is not your 101 book from the 90s. This is a brilliant book.

Aiden Wachter has a reputation in the pagan world for being a jewelry artisan, specializing in custom sigils. His spiritual path had a lot of turns, stepping through a lot of places including Buhddism, Ceremonial Magic, Hoodoo, and Chaos Magic among others. His current path most resembles Traditional Witchcraft, but like a chaos magician, he keeps the things that works and lets go of the things that don't. More importantly, he encourages the reader to do the same with the information he is presenting.

That's a lot of magical systems. There's some flash definitions at the end.more )

march booklog

Apr. 12th, 2019 05:23 pm
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17. A Quiet War - Paul McAuley ) Underwhelming, but I can't really tell why!

18. The Division Bell Mystery - Ellen Wilkinson ) I enjoyed this quite a lot!

19. A Corner of a Foreign Field - Ramachandra Guha ) A fascinating idea (the reflection of politics in sport), and a thoroughly interesting demonstration of it in Indian cricket.

20. Are You My Mother? - Alison Bechdel ) Bechdel is always fab, and even with a story I'm less invested in she's always worth reading.

21. Cryoburn - Lois McMaster Bujold ) This is definitely one of the weaker points of the series, but even so it's not bad. And the ending is brutal.

22. The Hero and the Crown - Robin McKinley ) still something I love to re-read.

23. The Walker in Shadows and 24. Search the Shadows - Barbara Michaels ) I always liked the combination of romance / suspense / mystery in the best of these, and these two lived up to my recollection.

25. The True Queen - Zen Cho ) Enormously fun.

26. Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race - Reni Eddo-Lodge ) This is really excellent, and I look forward to seeing what she does next.

27. Not For Use In Navigation - Iona Datta Sharma ) Datta Sharma's writing is always beautiful; there are some really fabulous stories here.

28. Fair Winds and Homeward Sail - Sherwood Smith ) honestly, I enjoy this a lot.

29. The Halcyon Fairy Book - T Kingfisher ) The Toad Words half is great, but you can get that on its own; the fairy story sporkings are amusing but probably not worth a re-read for me.

30. Laura's Wolf - Lia Silver ) This was a really super satisfying comfort read with a ton of emotional porn, and I am definitely reading, like, all of the sequels.

31. Witchmark - CL Polk ) I liked this, and will look out for more Polk!
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