Jul. 6th, 2011

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Reference https://plus.google.com/113882113745075873153/posts/Gbg31WL621X

All it takes to create an invite is an email address to send it to. As far as I can tell, each person already in G+ can invite at least a handful of friends and acquaintances right now.

The 'Send Invites' button is a small red envelope button-thingie in the lower right-hand column.

ETA: And... the invite button has disappeared; they've turned invites off again. I believe that the share-a-G+-post-with-someone's-email-address-and-then-have-them-try-to-log-in method still may be working, but I suspect it's throttled somehow. Is anyone else here still looking for an invite?
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 I know a lot of people are waiting to get into Google+, (myself included :p), so I thought I would create this post. I'm hoping that people who want an invite will leave a comment, and then if anyone actually has an extra invite, they'll have a pool of hopefuls to choose from. I believe all that is needed to create an account is a gmail address, so people can pm those they want to invite .

If you end up getting invited, please edit your comment or change it somehow so that others know you are taken care of. ;)

If there's a better way to do this, just let me know and I can modify this.  I hope this will be useful.


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