Jul. 9th, 2011

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I'm going offline for most of the rest of today, but wanted to be sure that if anyone else needs invites, hopefully someone in this comm will be able to help. :-)
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Just another cautionary random thought about G+... being able to post to Extended Circles means that we should think twice about using that functionality, if we or someone we've encircled are following some of the "celebs" and/or "collectors" of G+ who have lots of folks following them and/or follow lots of people, right? ... There's a direction-vector somewhere in there that I'm not entirely clear on (my brain is kinda melty today), but... use 'Share With Extended Circles' with caution.

On LJ, I think the closest equivalent to Extended Circles would be FriendsFriends, but I'm not sure how close the DW equivalent is.

Fannish hivemind, can you help me out with this one?

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Here's another thing. Twice now people have said in their journals that they've made G+ accounts, and have listed their username. But when I do a search on that username, I get nothing. G+ offers to let me add the username I searched for (whom G+ thinks doesn't exist), but only if I put in their email address (which I don't know, in either case).

Maybe their system needs time to refresh. (Or maybe those people have banned me! /o\ Just kidding. I doubt it.)
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Apparently Natalie Villalobos, Community Manager for the Google+ project, hosted a Hangout and/or chat thingie tonight, and the names & nyms issue was discussed.

ETA - The original quote source from Natalie herself is at https://plus.google.com/104013835962992611989/posts/9M8wFYgzwSK toward the bottom (11:40am pacific time) - END ETA

To quote here for posterity... Natalie Villalobos said: (the bold emphasis is mine)

You do not need to use your last name or even your "real name" but a name that you are commonly known by. You can put "Natalie V" with no symbol, as we no longer support symbols in the names fields. Here's what I have posted in public forums to help people bring their accounts out of suspension:

We've seen some complaints regarding profile suspensions, and I want to let you know how to solve this problem. Typically this problem occurs when you edit your name in a way that we no longer accept. In these situations, you may find that your name requires review to confirm that it complies with our Community Standards:

1) You’ll be prompted to request a review during the sign-up flow, this will lead to it being reviewed by our team.

2) After 24 hours, your profile will either be live or require further appeal.

3) To request further appeal, click on the link to our appeal form from your Google Profile. Here, you can provide additional information to support the claim that you are using a name in compliance with our policy.

4) Once you file the second appeal your profile will be handled via 1-to-1 communication with Google.

Okay, then. I'd still like to see http://www.google.com/support/profiles/bin/answer.py?answer=1228271 clarified a bit more, but I guess this is progress. Sort of.

There've been many followups posted; here's one from Fox Magrathea Circe:

One great page I spotted today about the whole names & nyms issue is this:
and the links in the comments there are also informative...

Chronologically, here are some public posts from John Hardy about some aspects of the situation over the past few days:

And for anyone who missed it a bit ago, there was:

(Bless the geekfeminism wiki, and big thanks to Mary and all of the other contributors there!)

Side note: If you have a shared Gmail account (for instance, if a fanpair posts coauthored stories together and has a single feedback email address! or if you and your domestic partner or spouse have a shared Gmail account!)... Google is not currently allowing group accounts on G+... each G+ account must correspond to a single person.

As far as I've seen, there is nothing saying that each person may only have one account... if we commonly go by two or three separate names in daily life, I think this means that we are in fact intended to use two or three separate G+ accounts, especially if we already used two or three separate Gmail accounts concurrently for some span of time... so... we simply activate the G+ features on each of our separate Gmail accounts and all might be well. And if so, the Multiple Login feature is really handy.
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