Jul. 23rd, 2011

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For those following along on the pseudonym issue, [personal profile] skud has been suspended from Google+. She is a former Google employee (via acquisition), a strong advocate of pseudonymity, and the person who started the wiki of who might be harmed by internet real name policies.

I consider this fair warning that if we are in one of those classes of people in that wiki, if we desire to not use our real names online, we are not wanted as part of the Google+ community, neither by the company, nor by the larger community and its self-appointed vigilantes who can use the "report this profile" button anonymously.
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(reposted from my own journal)

i posted a headsup post on google+ a couple hours ago stating that because of their anti-pseud policies i won't be being active there; i may scroll, but will probably not be posting or using google apart from the search engine.

and gee, now that post is gone.

(i've reposted it to my extended circles; so far it's still there this time)
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I posted this publicly on G+; copying here in case it mysteriously vanishes.

In light of Google's crackdown on legitimate pseudonym usage (really, Google? You had a chance to be better than Facebook and you decided to be /worse/?), I will not be posting content to g+ any time soon. I am lucky enough to be able to use my real name online, but not everyone can safely, plus a lot of my online social circle knows me by a different name, and I strongly disapprove of g+ not allowing people to use the NAME THEY ARE KNOWN BY.

Also: http://geekfeminism.org/2011/07/19/who-is-harmed-by-a-real-names-policy/

ETA: That under my RL name. Have started a g+ account under a long-time pseudonym (Isabeau Suro -- I have been going as some variant of isabeau since 1996 or so, Suro added as a last name for those annoying sites that require last names; it is how I registered my non-gmail email account, my LiveJournal, Usenet posts back in the day, fandom stuff, Amazon and Thinkgeek wishlists, etc) just out of morbid curiosity to see how long it will last.
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Suspended Google+ Accounts

Hi, my name's Skud. I'm an activist, blogger, open-source-and-free-culture nerd, and recent ex-Googler with a strong interest in pseudonymity on Google+. I'm @Skud on Twitter, or you can find my website at http://infotrope.net/

I'm trying to collect data on cases where people's Google+ accounts have been suspended for name violations. If you have had your account suspended, please fill in this form!

If you want to edit/update your responses after submission (eg. if you get further news on restoring your account), or want to contact me for any other reason, email skud@infotrope.net

Very short privacy statement: Unless you check one of the the "ok to share" boxes at the end of this survey, I won't share the details of your answers with anyone, just the aggregate results.


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