Jul. 8th, 2011

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If anyone needs a G+ invite, provide your email address... if you don't want to comment here, PM me.

(after I send an invite, I'm screening the comments here that provide email addresses, hopefully to prevent bot-scraping and stalkeryness and such I'm screening all comments on this post now, d'oh, should have realized I could do that sooner!)

ETA much later, after I've lost count of the people who've joined G+ today: The little red envelope button has vanished. Looks like Google's closed the floodgates again.
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If you need one, please PM me your address or leave it here, I'm screening the comments so your address isn't public. ♥

ETA Jul 11: I still have an invite button, and I'm happy to share. :)
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Has anyone else found that the circles you were given as a default included a banned circle with some people already in it? I have no idea why three people in my contacts list were "pre-banned." One of them was someone I was looking for. Not someone I would want to ban, and I don't know who the other two were.


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